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Engine Shudders When Started After Standing (is200 Auto)


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Any thoughts on why my IS200 auto engine may be doing this. Left it in the airport at the weekend for a couple of days and it shuddered/stuttered quite badly (almost not sure if it wanted to keep going kind of thing) when I started it up upon return :blink: . Revved it a little and after about 500 yards had damped down. Not a problem with daily use but have noticed elements of ot recently when car is sitting for a period.

Thanks for feedback

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if its only for a while (like less than 10 secs) .. then i'd say its normal. It must have somethin to do with the ECU re-adjusting with drastic changes in temp/moisture. Cos i've had that once or twice when i left my car in a parking lot for an extended period of time (like 5 days). In the above instance, it returned to normal after 10-20 secs and didnt come back.

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