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I Had An Is250se For The Day

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I had a new IS250 SE for the day whilst my IS was in for a service. Who needs a testdrive, just book your car in and get a curtesey car instead!

Good points:

I must say it was absolutely gorgeous and you guys who have one must be beaming from ear to ear. It is a million miles apart from the old IS in terms of quality but nonetheless I still think the old IS has character. I loved the optitron lights, how cool are they! Loved the mp3 compatible stereo but and this is a big BUT, I don't think the stereo sounds any better than the old IS so a big welldone to Lexus for a good job in the first place. My biggest plus point was the shape of the car, those windows are much smaller than the old IS but they seem to work.

How quiet is this darn motor! I was doing motorway speeds on the M53 and I only had the stereo on low volume and could hear it as if the engine was running idle.

The Auto box is a new experience to me and I am a changed man! The way you can put it into sport mode and the way it rev's an orange band at 4k revs and then red at 6k revs is excellent (sorry didn't thrash it), just testing it :winky: At one point I tested the sport mode by selecting 6th gear whilst Idle, then accelerated onto a motorway and it still selected the gear change but used maxium revs, absolutely astounding.

Those brakes put my old IS to shame as well.


Well hard to criticise the car but my misses said it was like a tank compared to the old IS and I think I agree but I like the new tank!

Loved the comfort of the seats but thought they were a bit slippy slidey when cornering. I guess it's more of a comfort cruiser than a sports saloon, will be interesting to see what the seats are like in the sport.

I don't really like the alloys, I would like to see something more like the GS430 style.

I've got some pics (it was in dark blue by the way, not sure I liked the colour that much, it didn't sparkle that much even in the sun).

I couldn't get to grips with the keyless entry, the key was in my jacket pocket and the doors wouldn't open. I opened the door with the remote and put the key back in my jacket and the display errored "Key not recognised", perhaps it was me.

Not cheap though are they, but the spec is fantastic and I reckon it's a bmw beater. I'll still probably buy one (sooner than I thought I rekon).....

Sorry if there's any typo's - in a bit of a rush tonight!

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