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Is200 Interior


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Anybody got any ideas or products to clean the roof lining inside the IS? I looked up at mine the other day and noticed shed loads of grubby marks! Not happy so it's needs a jolly good clean up! :excl:

Cheers - Neil :)

They're not footprints are they fever ?? :winky:

Sounds silly but have you tried just rubbing the marks with a dry cloth. I had some marks on the windscreen pillars (on the felt lining stuff), and they just come off with a clean dry cloth.

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They're not footprints are they fever ??

:shifty: ehem....of course not!! :P

no but do you still need the inlet trunking

Yes Mat, still looking!!

You could always try some of that magic car interior shampoo Neil

:) Thank you Janey...on your recommendation....I'll be giving that a try!! :)

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:) I use auto glymm interior shampoo, just spray it on and wipe it off with a damp sponge or cloth.

It is not one of them cleaners that create alot of foam, I use it all the time. Cleaned my headlining a few time to get rid of marks.. Get it from Halfords about 4.50ish. got green label on :D

hope it helps matey :winky:

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