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Removal And Fitting Of Tte Supercharger


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I am looking to remove my s/c and fit to another members car, I have had a price from charlsworth motors and have rand tdi north but with no reply yet.

Anyone know of anyone else in the north who can do this?

Or are there any experienced members who have done this before willing to help for cash? as i can get a garage for the day with 2 ramps cheap as chips


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Can i also emphasise we need people with experience in this as incorrect fitting can obviously lead to un-needed costs and problems. :o

Bump for any people well versed in the s/c area, willing to help! :winky:

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I know the main parts, but not to sure on the throttle thingy and the wiring

on the wires remove the 4 wires

on the throttle thingy, unbolt the extra actuation arm, ...a 10mm nut in the centre, remove arm, and refit nut

if you need to phone the Doctor Mat Technical Helpline, (DMTH) while your doing it i will Pm you my number...its no sweat

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