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A Few Modification Questions


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Hello everyone!

I may be coming into a little money over the next few months, and I was thinking that it would be a good idea for me to get a car.

I’ve currently been looking at MK3 supras and Lexus soarer as I want a good performing car with a lot of potential horsepower, so I can spend the majority of the money on mods.

I was looking to spend around £2000 on the car, and £8K on mods (total budget is £10K) but there seems to be a lack of tuning gear for the 1JZ engine here and in the US, so I’ve decided to look else where, thus, the Aristo, which runs on the 2JZ -GTE engine, which as you know can become a complete monster.

I was wondering what 10 grand come get me in the Aristo world. I was thinking about getting a very cheap T.T (MK1) model that has already been imported which will cost around £3,500? Or would it be cheaper to import one myself directly from Japan?

That should leave at least £6,000, for mods, mainly performance based parts. I was wondering what parts I should be able to get with this money, and what sort of horsepower I’d be looking at. I’m not really into anything really high horsepower if it means having a huge turbo that is pretty much unless at the low RPM. Another question, will most of the parts that are available for the supra’s 2JZ work with the Aristo engine? I know that some parts are different such as the ECUs, but what parts are definably the same.

Oh, and forget about fitting. I have an Uncle that runs a garage that says he’ll be happy to let me use it after hours, so this experience would be pretty good for me, I really want to get into car tuning (Programming ECUs mostly).

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All Engine parts are common with the Aristo & Supra, except maybe the FMIC and the Manifold.

Also if anything there's a thread with majority of the information you need...

:). Both have similar topics in terms of modability and pricing :).

I was looking at the thread, but decided to post another because the guy in that thread is looking to get a MK2 where as I'm only intrested in the MK1. I thought some of the parts differered with the two models. and I couldn't find many MK1 modification threads, so I started this one

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The mk1 non-vvti engine is a lot cheaper and as its stands easier to mod engine of the two. Most tuning parts will be cross compatable but from what i can tell clearance issues around the suspension towers will be one area that could cause you problems with turbo fitments. As for power if you don't want huge power ie over 400 at the wheels then the stock turbo's will suffice. My supra (I know I know I harp on about it lol) is pushing at least 370 bhp at the wheels with 1.2 bar of boost. Stock tubbies, walbro fuel pump, stock injectors, front mount intercooler, water injection, hks 264 inlet and exhaust cams, FCD, FSE, boost controller, full decat and sports exhaust. A set of hybrids (stock tubby housing with uprated twin impellors) will sort you for 1.5 bar of boost, couple them with 550 injectors and you could push up to 410 at the wheels. Above that you are looking at single or if you can get it big twins. Have a look at the supraforums for an indication of what can be done.

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