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My First Post - Hello To You All


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Hello fellow Lexus owners,

This is my first post and I apologise in advance if you find it overly long to read and confusing because of the amount of dates/time involved. So here goes, I bought an IS200 SE in December 2004. The car was practically brand new as it had only done 35 miles since it’s registration in May 2003.

Anyway, in April 2005, I booked the car in for a Vehicle Safety Report as I was about to embark on a three week driving holiday and wanted to make sure that everything was ok with the car. Unfortunately, it turned out that the car had not had its first service, which should have been carried out in May 2004 (i.e. before I bought it) and I was told by the customer service representative that I was in danger of having the warranty on the car voided.

Suffice to say that I was not happy and a rather animated discussion ensued with me actually having to explain to the customer service representative (at the same dealership where I bought the car) that I was not in possession and ownership of the car in May 2004 and therefore it was their responsibility to have done that service. Eventually the car was booked in for service, for free, and because the car was technically almost two years old a combined minor (1st year/10,000 miles) service and major (2nd year/20,000 mile) service was done. The car had actually done 7,000 miles at the time.

At present, the car has covered 17,000 miles. I was wondering what service I should have carried out. If I am to follow the service book then it will be a minor (10,000mile) service. If I follow the actual mileage of the car then I should have a major (20,000 mile) service done.

What do you think of the situation and what service would you recommend that the dealer should carry out? Should I just continue using the car and then book it for a 20,000 miles service when it has actually done 20,000 miles or should I just book it in for a minor service as it has covered 10,000 miles since its last service (which was a major 20,000 mile service)? Once again I would like to apologise for the tedious length of the post. Thank you in advance for your kind attention and opinions.

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The only differences between the 10 and 20K services is that the 20K also includes a "visual" inspection of various components, and also recommends a brake fluid change.

The service interval is 10K or 12 months, whichever comes first, so the next service will be the 30K/36 month in May 2006.

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