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Fitting Aftermarket Stereo

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I recently purchased a JVC KD-AVX1 and gave it for fitting into my IS200 SE (navigator) by a local audio-fitter-bod.

After a 2 hr installation, I got my car back with new CD player all working. (the old stereo and amp were removed from the car).

The fitter advised that the connectors for the unit were incompatible - and to avoid buying an adaptor, he had wired the unit up manually - fine by me if it saved me a £40 something cost of the adaptor as quoted.

However, when I tried out my sat-nav it tilted open as usual, but no picture. The fitter plugged the old lexus stereo back in to test and the sat-nav worked again.

He advised, that I will need to buy the adaptor afterall ...

I presume he's right - but have others had this problem with their sat-nav with an aftermarket stereo ? And did you need to buy an adaptor costing that much ?

Any advice or where the adaptor can be purchased from would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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PM Fargo (Paul) for the adapter / ISO connector that is needed. £40 as it has been made specifically for the IS SE /Sport models. :winky:

thanks ad77 - I'ved PMed Fargo ... just incase anyone else can advise too...

The audio fitter has advised that he needs to order the adaptor for the aftermarket stereo to work properly with the sat-nav which is fine if that's the case. So a few Qs...

1. Can you confirm if this £40 or so adaptor will do the trick... ie will all the GPS voice stuff all work as normal etc.

2. My new CD player has a built in amp so the audio fitter chap had removed it from the lexus. Is it the case that the sat-nav will not need it either ?

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