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Best Petrol!


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Hi Guys

I have recently had a tank full of the Tesco Super Unleaded (99 RON), Didnt notice a difference when idling but engine sounded slightly rougher when accelerating! But generally it was pretty good especially on Sun Morn at about 3.30 am doing 110 MPH on the A4 between maidenhead and Reading on two decent streches of the road! Lol

Has any one else tried the stuff and what was it like!

I have used Optimax, BP super, Fina, Esso, Jet etc etc and pretty much all other types of fuel in the Lex!

But I must admit Optimax feels smoothest, Feels like my car accerarates faster and generally i think may be the best fuel! But at alomost 97.9 Pence per litre is very expensive!

What fuel is the best out there?


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Been running with Total 95 over the last 3 tanks. I used to get occassional problems starting, like a lot of us, but so far so good. It used to return 23 in town, now does 26. I will keep an eye on this.

In our area, Total is only outpriced by BP, but unlike BP you don't get any points in any shape or form. Makes me think their additives may be better quality. Has anyone else consistently used Total?

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this thread is older than my best mates kid

Lol :lol:

Use V Power myself too, like how the engine runs smoother so it must be doing something good in there. Also tends to give better mpg on longer runs.

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