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Aristo 2jzgte Build Up


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I'm trying to figure out what is the stock injector size that come in the 2jzgte 98+. I know that they are side feed and low impedance.

I'm trying to see how much power I can get out of the stock setup - with stock fuel (I guess a walbro is a cheap upgrade, so I could do that). How much can the stock twins push, without any problem?

I'll do some ecu tuning, but I need to figure out what all I'm starting with, and if I should keep some money to build the engine.

Also if I start building it I'd like to know if all the parts made for the 93-98 supra will fit the motor.

I know the bottom end will be good, and I'm guessing spring/retainers should be fine too.

Intake manifold and exhaust manifold designs are similar.

Cams, is one of my question, I know some people have ditched the vvti, and use the HKS cams, but is any modification of the head needed? Can vvti be kept?

Thanks to all that want to add their .2cents

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I'm pretty certain the VVTi can be kept and will definitely help spoolup with a small single turbo.

The stock injector size is the same as the JDM MK4 Supra TT, which is 440cc.

The stock twins are good for 17/18psi, but there have been numerous people who've had problems with that kind of boost, so I'd stick to say about 15psi to be a bit on the safe side unless you have deep pockets and want to go single any time soon.

With that kind of power you should expect what Yoshi has about 340bhp.

The 93-98 Supra parts are all okay as long as they are engine parts, the radiator pipe should also be a good fitment, just the intercooler piping and manifold might cause a bit of trouble since the Aristo does have a "tighter" engine bay than the Supra.

Manifold I'd either take a look at and check out the HKS Setup kit or go custom. Also if you're going aftermarket ECU I'd suggest you look into an AEM or a Motec, do it right the first time :).

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Skeet answered most of your questions there for sure.

All the Supra parts will fit, just the head is a little different (for porting etc)

Exhaust manifold is the same as any J-spec Supra - different to the US/Euro spec though.

You can get an Aristo intercooler kit from Blitz for a reasonable price...

VVTi is the best feature of the engine - keep it!


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One more thing!! DO NOT get rid of the VVTi...I agree with Gaz it is the best feature of the engine...if you read up on, there's alot of people after the VVTi head.

It gives you more lowend torque compared to the non-vvti, mostly noticable when going single apparently. Also can be upgraded with the V-CAM (Cams & Controller) from HKS should you wish to upgrade after moving up over 600rwhp.

I can't wait till I get the motor stroked....the lowend will just be stupid! (stupid meaning super-fast spooling)

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Dunno about the VVTi as I only have experience of the early engine. I've said it before and I'll say it again you'd be surprised what you can pushg out of the stock tubbies. Mine are A OK pushing out 395 at the hubs with stock injectors. To be fair the car starts to lean at the top so 550's would be an idea but you can buy these easily enough for about £250 with a resistor pack. You'll also need something to control the new injectors. The greddy emanage ultimate looks like a very good piece of kit to me. I don't know how much the VVTi HKS cams are but the early ones are like £350 a piece and low end torque doesn't seem to be a problem on my old car. I wish I'd taken a copy of the dyno runs before I let the car go today.

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