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Been very carefull at cash machines, made sure no-one was around when topping up the Pay 'n' Go phone but they still managed it. :tsktsk: :tsktsk:

Undisclosed amount has gone, some on a top up phone, 3 times in 1 day, phone company confirmed it's not gone on my number but can't tell me number it may have gone on,

Makes me :tsktsk: mad, as a result, account now blocked. Lucky I filled up the car yesterday afternoon and took some spare cash out. Going to take 3 - 5 working days for the account to be released and a new card sent out.

Thankfully the bank is sorting this out with an Indeminity Form for Fraud and will refund the amount removed

So the moral of the story is BE VERY CAREFULL FOLKS, not sure how they managed it but they did. Card never left my sight outside of home.

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I heard this story from a mate of mine:

He was on a bus and the guy on the seat in front of him was scratching the number on a PAYG card. As it happened, my mate was on the same network......guess what hapened next?

The race against time began, but my mate read the number into his own phone faster, just a couple of digits ahead of the true owner.

I truely PSML when my mate told me of the angst the guy was going through, wondering why his code wasn't accepted!

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Bad news, sorry mate...

The same thing happened to me a few years ago........ One Monday morning i received a Telegram asking me to phone Barclay's Fraud investigation office........ i thought 'What have i done' :crybaby:

Turns out my card had been 'cloned' in a petrol station and over the weekend they made minor purchases and asked for 'cash back'.... in all they stole £850


Luckily i use my debit card 'habitualy' and it's new use rang a few bells

Good news was i got all £850 back :D

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