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Dash Lights

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Afternoon All

Can you help, when I turn on my lights they all work IE: headlights and the lights on the various witches inside the motor, but the cluster that shows the Speedo fuel gauge e.t.c does not light up, I have checked the fuse and found it to be faulty but new fuses blows soon as I turn the lights on, any ideas.

if it is a bulb that needs replacing where do I find it.


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perhaps there is a short behind the cluster.

removing the cluster is quick and easy.

remove the 3 screws under the steering, holding up the knee panel... this swings open and drops down a little... remove the 2 screws vertical up into the top of the cluster housing. then there's only 3 screws holding the cluster into the dash... take a look behind the cluster, and see what you can find.

oh yeh... the short may also be somewhere connected to the main loom (radio etc... as Ash suggested)

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have you made sure the ajuster (the little knob on the left hand side of the cluster) is turned up if its all the way down you won't get any lights

good point this ^ also, make sure the dimmer is connected... without it, nothing will light up. also a faulty dimmer switch can be the cause of all dash light failure.

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