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92 Windom Stereo Wiring

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ok, i have a problem here

i have a panasonic head unit and a sub and amp etc i wanna put into my new windom

problem is, the local car audio shops are all telling me that they cant get me a plug and play harness for it

now i know about the factory amp and that in the car to run the multi speaker system and i'd like to leave that in tact

what im after, is a wiring diagram of the stereo wiring that plugs into the factory head unit, so i can splice my new heady into it

can anyone help me here?

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apparently the factory amp and speaker system cannot be used

I had the same problem when i had my windom..

apparently uses something called an Active system (was a while ago so i cannot remember exactly)

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ive got a wiring diagram from toyota for a 96 ES300 now and from looking at it, i cant see why it cannot be used... im just a little confused over a few things on it...

coming out of the head unit on plug A is: (plug B is all changer control stuff)













all that comes out of the amp is the speakers, same as a normal amplifier

from my knowledge of sound systems, the factory amp should be able to be used... as long as the wiring is all figured out proply... the head unit cant be THAT much different from a aftermarket one, same as the amp, they all work the same way, its just wiring that differs

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