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From Steptoe's Cart To Magic Carpet In 18 Minutes!

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Well just went and had the anti roll bar bushes put on my GS300.

******* HELL the difference is UNREAL!!!

I am so chuffed but my man with the garage who is now going to sort out the rangy suspension for under a ton, has charged me a whole TEN POUNDS!!! for fitting these £20.16 parts. which I got for £18.

hmmmmm....... 28 quid to turn a GS into a magic carpet. not bad, thanks lexus!

Maybe I'll put the LS400 off until next year.....

:whistling::innocent::devil: :eerrrmm: :shruriken:

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Well my dear chapollata!

I had been getting a knocking sound from the front end when the front wheels went over an speed bump or crackin the road, of which there are too many!!!

Last time I was in at Lexus they said the ball joints were dying. I got some and had them fitted elsewhere at 1/3 the labour charge cos I'm tight.

Then went to france only to find that the damn thing was tighter on the steering yes. but still knocked on bumps.

Dratt and Double Drat!!

I went back and they looked and said the anti roll bar bushed might be pooped so I thought to my self.... "I'll try them cos they're cheep, like the budgie!!".

So I got some and they were put on today for a tenna and by jiminy, it worked. the car tracks bang on, the steering is like a lazer guided misile, the clunking noise is GONE!!!

Happy? Oh I think so, just a little bit!

So the moral of this story is..... Don't rush off and buy an LS400 untill you have experienced your GS at it best. she certainly is now!


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