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Windom's Buttons And Some Problem?

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Hi everybody! Nice to join here, as you know, I am a freshman and I came from New Zealand.

I got a Windom 3.0G recently and would like to ask some questions about my car. My car is 91 model imported from Japan, 94000 Kms roughly.

Q1: some buttons feature.

There are 3 buttons on my left-hand side when I am sitting in the driver seat. They are the following:

1) Terms: Sport or Norm



Could any one can tell me what are they working for? I do know something about ECT-S, it is somthing like Electronic Controlled Transmission System. However, I don't the difference between "ECT-S PWR" and "ECT-S MANUAL". The first button I think should be about adjustment of suspension system, but how does it work? I could't feel any change while I was switching it between "Sport" and "Norm".

Q2: How to control the Cruise Control System?

There is a control handle under the steering wheel of the cruise system, and there are some words on that handle. They are: RES/ACC, SET/COAST, CANCEL, CRUISE ON/OFF. I already knew how to control part of them by working on it for hours. However, can someone tell me the meaning of: RES, COAST?

Q3: strange sound when I am accelerating the car

I will hear some slight strange sound just like the sound of my cell phone' vibration when I am accelerating the car. I can even feel some slight vibration by touching the steering wheel at the mean time. Is that means something wrong with the auto transmission box or the engine?

Q4: stereo system's problem

I found that the CD changer of my car fixed in the luggage box was gone after I got the car. I know it should be took it away by the car's former owner. I can't see any worth of owning a bare CD changer without the other necessary parts. Moreover, I found that the performance of the stereo system is very low. I could't feel any bass output even thought I turned the volume control and the bass control to the highest position, also the volume was at a unreasonable level as well. Beside description above, the sound is quiet clear and all features are working. It is the same sympton as you are using a amplifier with not enough power to drive the speakers.

Could anybody can give me some idea about that? Is it the former owner also took away the original amplifier of the car? Or it is only the amplifier faulty. What can I do to improve the performance of my stereo system?

Much appreciated for any information. Thanks in advance!

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Hi Freehand,

Assuming that everything behaves in the standard Toyota/Lexus way:



This turns the master cruise control on or off. If you are currently "cruising" this will disengage cruise control. The master control must be on before any of the other buttons do anything.


Once you've turned the master control on, selecting 'Set/Coast' will start the automatic speed hold. The car will now attempt to maintain the speed you were at when you pressed 'Set/Coast'.

If the car is already holding speed for you, then tapping the 'Set/Coast' button will reduce your speed by 1mph. Holding it will continue reducing your speed until you release the button. Your speed will then hold at the new setting.


If the car is automatically holding your speed, this will temporarily cancel the feature. You can perform the same function by tapping the brake pedal.


This is the "resume" button. If you were previously holding a speed, but have not turned off the engine or turned off the master "On/Off" feature, pushing this button will resume your old speed. E.g. if you were on the motorway at 70mph, pressed the brake, then wish to carry back on at 70mph, simply press "Res/Acc" and the car will pick up speed and hold 70 mph again.

If you tap this button whilst cruise is active, you will accelerate by 1mph. If you hold it down, you'll continue to accelerate until you release the button, and the car will hold the new speed.


- Cruise automatically disengages if your speed drops below 25mph (ish).

- You cannot hold a speed lower than 25mph.

- My car has a pretty "Cruise" light that follows the master switch. It's totally unrelated to whether or not cruise is actually active.


Your car is a little more exciting than mine... but the ECT-S PWR button is basically Sport mode on the transmission.

I can't help with your other questions I'm afraid....

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I am suffering the same problem with the amp.. so I have bought a face place and I am installing aftermarket!

The funny noise you are experiencing.. is it a screech or a rattely vibration?

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Thanks for your help.

Have you try to listen the vibration of the cell phone? The sound is very low and in low frequency range, but you can hear it. My car's strange sound just like that, very low, but I can hear it and feel it by touching the steer. The sound comes up from time to time, but only when I accelerating the car.

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This may be a drop in the ocean... but i had something similar but worse... found out it the the manifold sheild underneath come loose! Would only happen when accelerating and got to about 2500 rpm's. Sounds very similar to your problem.

You will need to get the car up on the ramps.

The sheild you can just remove! No particular use as such (if it is loose)

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