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Full 3d Geometry Check

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Its OK Tony the competition is over here in Ireland so your safe enough :lol:

Got a full 3D Geometry check done over here in Ireland. I said I'd do it as I recently fitted the anti roll bars and I am sure this had some effect on the cars stance on the road. I got them to setup the car as to your recommendation below Tony. They were able to make the adjustments bang on to as outlined below! I didnt ask for a print out because they showed me on screen the figures and they match whats below so I was happy chappy.


camber 55' negative +0 - 30' and even over axle

toe 6' positive partial

thrust angle 0


camber 20' negative + 10' -0 and even over axle

castor 5 degrees 30 positive -0 +1 degree tolerance over axle 30'

kpi even + - 45'

toot 5% taken at 20 degrees

Took a few crappy pics on my camera phone as I was cold and bored :lol:




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Wise move having the Geo tested... I'm happy for you that all went well...... how does she handle now?

Oh and i welcome competition this is evident in wim...... i actually don't enjoy people having to travel 100s of miles just to have the job done correctly.

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