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I didn't seem to get the LS400 car manual or is hidden in some secret pocket? Can you buy these?

Anyone got an opinion on whether VSC should be turned on or off?


Unless you want to get a nasty shock in emergency? It's a lot of power there, not always obvious until the back end starts getting 'interesting'!!

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Dear William,

Congratulations on your purchase!

DON'T SWITCH VSC OFF, especially in the rain!

If you would like to understand the reason why most people recommend you do not turn VSC off, try this exercise:

Turn VSC off

1. Approach major (and empty of traffic too) roundabout at higher than average speed

2. Enter roundabout, and speed up as you steer the car to exit the roundabout from the 3rd or 4th exit

3. Exclaim as the back of the car begins to lose grip, and the car fishtails

Perhaps repeat steps 1-3 with VSC on too, so you can see the benefit of this driver aid.

Incidentally, I have VSC too in my GS. I was going round a major roundabout at a higher than average speed, and was accelerating whilst changing into the best lane for my exit. Before the tyres even had a chance to squeal (and they are pretty grippy), I could feel the VSC activate and it took action to prevent the back of the car from losing it. The VSC is only activated if you hear the ringing as well as the orange symbol on the dash. If it's just the orange symbol displayed, it's just the traction control that's been activated.

Hope that helps!

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The LS400 owners manual can be ordered from your main dealer. I managed to get Lexus Poole to order me one recently

Part Nr - LOM50534E and cost £9.04 + VAT

Only thing is does not include in the manual is the Sat Nav system which is covered in a manual issued with the CD's for the system. Most of what you probably want is contained within the manual though.

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You want snap oversteer in wet? Try piloting an XK120 (solid axle/leaf springs at rear) shod with the dreaded Michelin X's, and with an E-type engine up front. Ever since, I have been most circumspect on moist bends.

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