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Installing Camcon (rs200 6mt)


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I posted this into an existing Camcon thread in the TDi subsection, but things seem quiet over there, so I hope no one minds me trying my luck here.

I'm having trouble figuring out exactly which rev and VVTi wires to tie into as there are several listed on the ECU wiring diagram...

It calls for the following tie-ins:


This looks like B21


Wire B5 (OCV+) or B7 (OCV2+)? I think the Camcon only does the exhaust cam, so that would be B5 (OCV2+)? There's also B4 & B6 which are the negative (OCV-) ones..


There's three 'Revolution' signals to choose from as well as a Tacho one... Which will the Camcon want?


as above

IG Power

Think this one is easy - wire E10

I am referring to the RS200 6MT ECU.

Any info would be appreciated, cheers.

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Okay, here's me trying to work it out. I've drawn lines to where it appears the wires are connected based on the photos MacRS200 sent me.


The "C:" denotes what the camcon calls the wire, and the "E:" is what the SXE10 wiring diagram tells me it is. The green ones are those that seem to make sence. Red seems really wrong, and orange is only a little confusing...

For further reference, here's the deceptively simple diagram from the camcon manual:


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