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Boooo It Happened To Me

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Well i was going to the local indoor shopping centre {meadowhall} and thought id take the scenic route via the country lannes, i was giving it some well when all of a sudden by accelerator *** stuck underneath the carpet.

i nearly s**t myself, the shere panic the set in when the engine sounds like its going to blow up and shooting round corners wayu to fast. Its a good job those summer tyres stick like glue.

initially i had no idea what it was so i switched the ignition off and gently slowed down so i could sort myself out! fortunatly there wasnt anyone in front of me or id have pushed them off the road! ahh well no harm done :blush:

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Could also have put the clutch to the floor and let the limiter kick in.......

thats what you call a week knee moment.... mine a few years back coming up to a busy junction in an Integra doing about 35mph and one of the front brake lines burst...... handbrake saved the day (only just)...... 10 mins earlier had been bombing on a country road with some serious braking.... wouldn't have been in good shape if it had failed then....

somebody watching over me...........

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