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Wireless Network!

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I've just threw my BT USB fish in the bin! :D

...and installed a SpeedTouch 570 wireless adsl router! It works a treat! I'm reading the LOC posts from the comfort of my sofa whilst watching EastEnders B)

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I'd like to see an in-car HD based MP3 player with wireless LAN upload of files from your home PC. Now that would be cool. :hocus-pokus:

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cool - join the club!


be sensible though, and make sure you secure the wlan bit.

do not broadcast your ssid

enable 128bit wep encryption

enable mac address level security

if you are running windows;

remove the default shares

remove "everyone" access from your hard-drives

you can't stop anyone getting on your wlan - if someone really wants on - they'll get it.

just make it difficult for the script kiddies looking for free access to pipe

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Matt, I've set mine to mac address level security so only my laptop can connect. Can people still hack in?

oh yeah.

your mac address is broadcast in plaintext - so a simple sniffer will easily pick up your mac address (kismet for linux - netstumbler for winblows).

if you have wep enabled, then something like airsnort will crack your wep encryption no problem.

all you need to to pick up the mac address, clone that address onto your nic - and you are in.

make sure you remove all your default shares and only allow "your" users access to your drives - this way you can limit the chance of damage to your pc files.

you then only have to worry about people sharing your 'net connection :(

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