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Rattle At 1800rpm Whilst Accelerating


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Hi All,

just wanted any thoughts before I start spending money/time

In my GS300 MkII, When I accelerate gently there is a rattle at exactly 1800 RPM - it disappears when I get to 1900RPM. Happens in any gear, and does not happen when in neutral

Any thoughts? I'm thinking exhaust.



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I have just had the same on the Tezza, only under load and at around 2k rpm. Turned out to be the bolt from the bracket that braces the manifold. It had fallen out and was lying between the two parallel branches of the exhaust pipe before they joined the centre section.

What I did was put it in drive, left foot hard on the brake and picked up the revs till it started. Got step son to walk around the car listening till he narrowed down the area where the noise was coming from.

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