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Looking To Buy Is200...

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Hi everyone... First of all I would like to say what a great website you have here.

I am currently looking to buy a IS200 SE for my mother. It's been a spur of the moment decision, so i'm abit green behind ears when it comes to IS200.

We were looking at one which was a 1999 SE with 45k, which was going for 7k ono... The car is in perfect condition. Do you think this is well priced? Looking at parkers it seemed like a good deal...

But i've been getting conflicting information with regards to service schedules.

I was told there is a big service at 40k, which this had done. But somebody else told me that there is another big service at 60k, which on some cars might be done around 70k. I was then also told by the same person that we should go for one which has at 65 - 70k for the above reason...?! Any truth in this?

Although i know deep down with a Toyota with high mileage shouldnt be a concern, but to me personally a car with 45k going for 7k, is more appealing then a car at 6 - 6.5k with 70 - 80k.

Any help would be appreciated, on this subject.

Look forward to your replies.


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Welcome to the club mate! :D

As far as I know, 10k is the minor service, 20k is the slightly major service and 40k is the proper major service (and multiples thereafter) so a car with 45k miles that has been properly serviced, would already have had its major service. The 60k service would be the same as the 20k service, and therefore not as big as the 40k one.

Hope that helps :)

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