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Hello Can any one help

i see a lot of people selling Keys for Lexus on Auction sites

question Are these worth buying?

as they are already cut surley they would be no use,

or can you use them in any lexus, just reprogram :o

or do you buy new blades for them

any advise would help, as i have one 3 button key and 1, 2 button key

and would like a spare 3 button type as if i lose my original, i am up poop creek

and with the dealer wanting around £150 ish, i looked at these as a cheeper option.



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i got my spare key from a dealer for 70'ish quid.

the dealers try to charge you for programming as well (which with lexus kabour costs adds up big time :tsktsk: ).

i programmed the key myself and so 70 quid is a good price IMO. i dunno about the keys from the auction sites :blush:

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