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Reversing Camera Project

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I've got a new project on the go keep me busy over the next few weeks.

I've got an OEM sat nav housing, with an aftermarket monitor fitted for a sat nav system. This system has the facility to fit a reversing camera, and will automatically switch the display to show the camera when reverse in selected.

However, if the screen is down when reverse is selected, nothing happens. What I'd like is for the screen to pop up when reverse is selected, show the camera, and then drop down again when the car is taken out of reverse. Obviously, if the screen is already up, I don't want anything to happen except the usual source switching.

I've come up with the following circuit design - does my logic look right, or is there a better way of doing this?

I want the circuit to trigger if the screen is down (I have a micro switch fitted which gives +12v if the screen is up, 0v if it is down), but to do nothing if it is up.

I will tap into the wires coming from the open/close button, so the it mimics a short press of the button when reverse is selected, and another when it is taken out of reverse.

If the logic looks good, I'll go ahead and make this, and then post up full details of the circuit.




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I got as far as drawing a detailed schematic and buying the parts for this - but due to the swap to a Honda, I'm not going to take it any further.

If anybody fancies taking it on, drop me a PM and I'll send the details.


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What rear camera have you got? I'm about to build a carputer and will get a rear keyhole camera too. Will put the keyhole camera in the space where the bootlock current sits. Have found a camera on eBay that is weatherproof, 140 degree wide angle and offers decent vision at night too. However, it's 130 dollars..

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