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Is200 Front Speaker Wires

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Firstly thanks for all the usefull info on this site!!

I've managed to replace the rear speakers, and the head unit. I've come to connect the front speaks (I've left the stock ones in) and come across some problems;

I wanted to run my own wires from the front speakers to my HU, but as I would have to drill the rivits out to get to the connections on the back of the speaker, and it looks very difficult to get the wire from inside the car to the door, I decided to do it different.

I connected my new wires to the plug in the footwell. Where the wires come from the door in to the car the loom goes straight in to a plug. I figured out which pair are for the speakers and ran wires from them to my HU. When I first connected them the sound was rubbish, but if I disconnected the plugs in the foot well it sounds good :D. On this basis I tried disconnecting the lower plug on the amp which seems to have the same effect (so I put the ones in the foot well back).

Can anyone tell me whether or not I am to leave this plug at the back of the amp disconnected? (I have taken the +ve, -ve & ignition from the plug for the stock radio, these still work)

I read in one post that the audio system links in with the security? Will the above affect this?

Does anyone know what colour the wires are for +ve and -ve for the front speakers. It is the wires which go from the speaker to the plug just inside the footwell that I'm interested it.

I'll post the colours when I've had a look, just need to know which is +ve and -ve.

Hope someone can help



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