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Excessive Tyre Squeal In Multi-storey Carparks

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I've had my IS250 SEL + MM for about a month and a half :D and generally things are going well.

No rattles, no stuck seat-belts, no parkings dents - yet :P

On the road the car has proved to have good traction in the wet, when pulling out of junctions where my previous car (BMW 525) would easily spin an inside wheel the Lexus has no problems - the Bridgestones must be better than the old Pirellis in that respect. But, in carparks the front tyres squeal and feel as if they are scrubing sideways when going dead slow round tight corners, especially when the painted roadways are wet. Has anyone else noticed this? Does it only affect the Bridgestones? What are the Dunlops like?

Also, I found the Lexus is more sensitive to cross winds than my old car. During one particularly windy day things actually got quite scary on the motorway unless I reduced the speed to about 60mph, anything faster needed constant corrections and lead to an uncomfortable ride for my passengers :sick:

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I have found this with some car parks and with various cars and tyres...its the surface of the car park and probably oil and s**t on the surface.

Never had Bridge's currently got Goodyear F1's and one car park in particular is very squealy.


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