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Engine Light Just Came On ?


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I just joined LOC last night as i have only had my IS200 a week.

I was driving home last night and the engine light came on. No noise, smells, rattles etc.

I checked the oil, Battery, fluids etc this morning all ok.

I haven`t got a manual so i can`t look it up. (so i`m after one of those too)

As its Easter my local lexus is shut.

The only thing i have done since i bought the car was remove the sub in the boot - the amp is still conected to the Battery.

Any ideas ?


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Take it is the Check Engine Light, the one with the outline of an engine with a spark in the middle.

If it is it could be literally anything, only way to find out is to have the fault codes read by a garage.

Not very helpful I know but it is the only way to find out for sure.

Oh and welcome to LOC :D

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I jump started my car once and forgot to clip the red casing onto the positive side of the Battery as you have to remove it in order to get the jump leads on !

I then noticed my engine management light come on, so I popped the bonnet and clipped the red casing back onto the Battery and the light turned off!

So check the Battery out and the clip ons!

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