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Well its taken some time for me to get around to it, but I have not even put on my Club Member Stickers!!! :o

So just went out to the Lex with my big sticker and disaster :crybaby:

My windows are tinted way to dark for the sticker to show through from inside!!!

Anyone got any Vinyls that will stick on the outside, ideally about 12 or so inches by 3???

I would think people have had this problem in the past and I don't really wanna stick anything on the Windscreen.

Any help would be great :winky:

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I may have something sitting in one of my cubboards.... I will check and get back to you

btw what colour are you after?

I have silver, gold, yellow and Navy Blue

extrerior vinyl stickers... couple of years old so maybe be hard to get the backing paper off but I will send extra ones

these are about 7-8 inches long though

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I too am a Gold Member on here, but have yet to received my pack with the stickers. I'll have to wait and see if the stickers will be a problem with my tints.

PS. Could I have my Gold Member permissions setup for my account? Thank you!


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