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little help please!

I took my new 2000 reg IS200 on a long trip this week to try it out, once on the motoway and up to cruising speed, i noticed a whirring, pulsing sound, which while it isnt overpowering, it niggled away at me. I'm sure this cant be right.

could anyone shine some light on this please?..i thought it could be bearings maybe?...or driveshaft thingy.

please help if u can


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I am currently geting my second wheel bearing replaced on the same wheel within a 2 month period.

Listen to find out which wheel it is coming from then jack that wheel up and give it a good shake.

You should feel it moving if it is gone.

Most likely tyres though.

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Thanks you guys...i had it checked out today by the garage who sold me the car and they say bearings etc are ok and could be tyres. Your comments seem to bear this out (bear?? get it??). Anyway, although i am still a bit suspicious, i guess i'll hang on till tyres need changing and hope that cures the problem.

Thanks again for your comments

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My wheel bearing cost £69 from Lexus as I could not source it from any bearing distributor. seems to be a dealer only part. I also got a new seal which was about £13. dunno how much for fitting but it ain't that big a job. I does need to be pressed in and out though.

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