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Hard Wire Cigarette Socket

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Sorry if this has been asked before, its a big ol forum and ive searched but found nothing conclusive.

Im looking to fit a 2way cigarette socket into the glove box of my IS200 to power my various phones, GPS modules and such and I would like to hard wire it into the cars electrics to save having anything in my lighter socket (I dont use it, just want to keep things neat ;) )

Whats the best way to go about this? Ive read some articles for other cars mentioning about fastening the positive line into a nearby fuse (like here)by jamming the cable in, possibly with a clip on the end. If I were to do this where in the area of the glove box could I do this?

What options do I have for this in the glove box area. I obviously dont want to wire it into something that will cause problems and I would also like it to be controlled by the ignition, so when the cars off, so are all the devices.

Many Thanks

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I'm sure I bought a Y adapter so I could run two things from a cigarette lighter many years ago, just can't remember where I got it from, or where it went too..............The problems of aging :duh:

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hi you can wire it up to the orrigonal one .

the center consol comes out very easy and you can get to the wires from there ,once you have done this you can feed the wire into your glove box by running the wire down the side of the tunnel and back up behide the glove box

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