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Which Denso Plugs


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My 60k service is nearly due, and I want to order some plugs rather than the expensive Lexus main dealer option.

Which are the best ones to get, good for another 60000 miles? As I read some of the Denso plugs are only good for 30000?

iridium IK16 / IK20 / IK22 ?


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But you have to change every 30.000 miles...

Dont spose you know how long IK22 would last?

The same Kaz - 30K

Cheers dude. Still need to get round and stick these in!

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Q. How long will iridium Last?

A. iridium use represents the most significant technological advance in automotive spark plug manufacturing, since platinum was introduced in the early eighties. As vehicle manufacturers produce increasingly complex and efficient automobiles, there is a greater need for long-life plugs that can tolerate leaner fuel mixtures and improved combustion processes. DENSO has responded to this need by developing its iridium alloy, originally for OE applications. For example, many newer Lexus’ and Toyota models carry an ultra long-life iridium plug variation (.7mm with platinum tipped ground) that is capable of up to 120,000 miles of service. DENSO iridium Power plugs, with their .4mm center electrode, have been developed for performance applications. Because gradual wear will “round-off” firing points over time, the concentrated firing power and voltage requirement benefits will be reduced. For this reason, DENSO advises replacement after 30,000 miles.

For some reason Lexus GB insist on plug change every 60,000 miles. In the US the same plugs go for 120,000 miles.

IK plugs should be changed every 30,000 miles.

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