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Changed My Knob.....


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Well my old knob (gear) :lol: was looking a bit faded so I purchased a new Richbrook Touring style staybrite aluminium one. This gear knob is so much nicer to use with the TRD short shifter than the OEM ball gear knob. I got the "L" emblem on top rather than the gear diagram, as after owning my car for a year, I think I am able to remember what gear is where :lol:



I would recommend this type of gear knob style bigtime to anyone running a short shifter in their Lex!!!

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That looks the nuts mate.

As a side does it not make the shifter longer than if you have the standard "ball"?

Throw actually feels shorter!!! I am thinking its got to do with law of the lever or something???

It seems easier to slot into the gears with this shifter than is did with the OEM ball.

This so works with the short shifter is unbelievable! Its actually pleasent changing gears now. When I put the short shifter in, gear changes felt more positive but clunky, now the clunkiness is gone and its just postitive, snappy gear changes.

Can anyone explain how changing the gear knob for this one above as opposed to the OEM ball, could make such a brilliant difference????

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