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Wheel Fitment


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Just wondered if anyone knows what other cars my wheels will fit. They were off my IS200, and are 8x18 ATP Inox Stainless 225/40/18's.

Would these wheels fit a 96/N Toyota Supra Twin Turbo as I was thinking of buying one at the weekend. it would be a bonus if I could stick the wheels straight on. B)

Thanks, Rich. :D

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The wheels will more than likely fit the Supra,but youd be wise to fit wider tyres than 225s on the rear of a TT Supra.

You could also try looking through a few Alloy wheels websites to see your wheels are on there,then look up Supra and you should be able to check if they will fit.


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They will fit as they are 5X114.3 pcd fitment, you havent said what the offset is, but the supra's is 50mm, can't remember center bore size though.

But as Chips said, you'll need bigger than 225 on the rear, stock rear tyre on a mk4 supra is 245.

You also have to consider if it has UK spec brakes , as these are quite large, and not all wheels fit over.

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Click on this site. Then click on the manufacturer for fitment guide then click on the car model.

It will give you the PCD / Offset / Centre Bore

Fitment Guide

It shows that a SUPRA 94 on is

PCD 114.3 X 5

OFFSET 35-42


The LEXUS GS & IS models are same PCD same Centre Bore but the offset is 38-45.

Wheels will still fit but you may need to make some adjustments. You may be lucky and they fit straight on depending on wheel / tyre width.

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