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Any Info On Next Generation Rx400h?

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Considering buying a new RX400h sometime this year but I would like to know if there are any significant changes due in the next year or so. The RX350 appeared out of nowhere (I'm sure there are a few disgruntled RX300 owners just now! :sick: ) and has left me wandering what the immediate future is for the RX400h.

I've read the article about the batteries being changed for 2008, however I can't see Lexus making the car any cheaper to buy :huh: .

When will the 2008 model be launched?

What are the anticipated changes?

I've never fully trusted Salespersons so any help would be appreciated.

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The RX350 didn't appear out of nowhere, it had been talked about for well over a year on the US forums.

Yes, but remember, the US have been driving the RX330 for years in 2WD and 4WD formats whilst the UK stuck with the 3.0ltr engine. They are also getting a 2WD RX400h. The US have a 4x4 IS250...

...the US is a different market. I'm interested in what I can buy here! If any of these models are destined for the UK market then post what you know.

The UK don't have these model options and I had not read anything about an RX350 for the UK market up until a couple of months ago and IMO it has been a relatively quick introduction of the engine into an RX.

Will the 3.5ltr be put in the 400h, will it be de-tuned like the 3.3ltr has? Will Lexus ever put an MP3 connection in? - although the promise of an MP3 connection is'nt going to make me wait too long!

I'm looking to make an informed decision based on the immediate future (next 12months) of the current RX400h or whether I should wait a while to catch a significant upgrade. By significant I mean engine/battery/exterior & interior remodelling changes.

If Lexus are going to start making frequent changes maybe I should wait and see what the new BMW X5 will offer... :shifty: because in all honesty I didn't expect to be concerned with upgrades to a car that is only a year in production (that's Suburu territory!!)

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Not really sure what the RX330 in 2 or 4WD has to do with anything, different countries have always had different options. We are talking about a facelift for the RX and the 3.0 and 3.3 engines are old and needed to be replaced.

You won't read about facelifts too early because it stops people buying the existing models.

The hybrid engines are always detuned from the normal version. The 3.5l engine being put in the RX350 is a lower compression version of the engine used in the IS350 and GS350 (JDM model).

If they put the 3.5l in the RX then it would become the RX450h - they are unlikely to do that for a couple of years, the RX400h has only been around for a year.

Lexus tend to change minor specs every year, facelift every 3 years and have new models every 5-6 years.

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Thanks for the info but I'm confused now. :duh:

The 3.0ltr and 3.3ltr are old and need to be replaced, yet you believe that Lexus won't put the 3.5ltr in the RX400h (RX450h) for another couple of years. :o

A facelift every 3 years. RX300 mkII was launched in 2003... this a criptic clue my Honourable Knowledge base master? :winky:

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