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Fuel Gauge Irregular Reading Is 200

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The fuel gauge on my IS 200 isnt working properly, when I got the car it was showing empty and the light was on, I filled it up and it still said the same. About 5 miles down the road I hit a bump and the needle shot up to half full. Can anyone give me any advice please, does the tank have a float in it? If it does how do I get to it or do you have any other suggestions

Ok I get the point, I've altered the type size. Thanks everyone for the replies but you missed one thing, it shot up to half full when I had filled it up the neck, or at least I thought I had, I had to force the last 4 quid in or am I missing something there as well, are these awkward to fill? Mind you petrol pumps can be over sensitive as well. I guess I will keep a gallon in the boot then run it empty and see how much I can get in.

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First off welcome to LOC :D

Second off the Lexus may be viewed as an "old mans" car but we are not blind, you can post in normal size font and we will be able to read it :lol:

Lastly to answer you question, this is common on the IS and nothing to worry about. Try switching the ignition on and leaving till the guage jumps up before starting.

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