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Yes Yet Another Newbie !


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hi all :winky: i am another newbie to buy a lexus. converted from renault thank *** :whistling: have had all the renaults from megane to vel satis and the avantime,but i just luv my 2000 gs300 loads better and it will mean less time in the garage goody goody.

anyway a quick hi and asking for help,i have had it just over a month allready i have fitted lpg,reverse sensors,hid lights,changed wheels the old 16"loys with balloon tyres just had to go :shutit: now on 18" rx300 much better,and the alpine iva-d900 dvd,tv,ipod,etc. so i have been busy new front bumper grill and rear spoiler to go on next waiting to be sprayed all nice and tasteful nothing over the top :D

i have just got the oem sat nav system and asking anybody for help i will do it and i know whats involved does anybody have the wiring diagram for these units its from a 99 gs300 need them quite quick please please let me know.


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Can't help as such just thougt id welcome you to LOC :D

cheers matey.

no dought i will get the info i want soon i have had words with with a couple of lex dealers who are looking in to it for me.

remember to all (lex dealers are not that scary they are people too) i think :blink:

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Welcome :D

a vel satis?....... :sick: , glad you came to your senses.... :lol:

yes i know but some one had to buy one. but it did have some sort of jap engine in it but the nissan gearbox :tsktsk: never again am i going back +renault dealers complete :tsktsk:

my lex well :D

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