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Wing Mirror, Lexus Badges, Door Trim & Mats

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Hi All

Million and one questions follow... any assistance, as always, much appreciated. I couldn't find answers to these on the forums.

- I will be shipping my car back to the UK in about 8 months under the 'personal import' rules, so it only has to undergo the less serious SVA. Will my little wing mirror be allowed or do I need to temporarily remove it? I don't think you can have the mirror under the ESVA rules, but not sure about SVA.

- Does anyone know where to get Lexus badges, trims and mats? Can't seem to find anything on eBay as other people have suggested... maybe my search terms are too weird? . Also, do all badges fit all models and are they difficult to change?

- After the shipping journey, there is a possibility that the traction Battery will be discharged. The manual says that the car needs to be driven at least every fortnight to stop this happening (I can't see Capitan Birdseye letting me zoom around the deck!) Apparently, it may not start and you have to call the Lexus dealer to fix the discharged traction. What do they do differently and why can't I start the car some other way?

- Finally, has anyone experienced SVA (UK) Ltd based near S'hampton port? Any good/bad reviews?

BTW, I live in Tokyo so if anyone needs assistance in getting anything shipped or sourced, please let me know and I'll give it a shot. I get my Harrier Hybrid in a couple of weeks, so will have wheels to roam!!

Many thanks


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mats are pretyy regular on eBay as are the badges.

I have a brand new front grille badge for the MK2 RX if you need it.

Not all badges are the same. The grille badge for RX models is different to the saloon models and also the MK1 RX is a different size to the MK2.

You shouldn't have a problem with the wing mirror although personally it is the first thing I would remove.


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