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Ski Season Over For Another Year


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Returned from a fantastic few days at Laax (near Davos) to make the best of the last days of the snowboard season ( ends today) for anyone that has not been to this area it is highly recommended, can easily say it is one of the best resorts I have been to in Switzerland :winky: . snow was fine, runs were very quiet wide and smooth so managed to clock up my best speed so far 87kmh :D only 7 months to go until next time :crybaby:

small pic of the huge half pipe

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yeah only got to go once this year

and that was a cheapy in Italy

got to go down the olympic super G tho

now that was fast

hoping to go to the states next year for a few weeks or Canada to do some snow cat boarding :D

fastest I've clocked was 72kmh on my board down an icy speed trap in Ischgl, Austria, last year

powders where it's at :winky:

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tignes is nice also, quite a big area - some of the drag lifts can be a bit savage tho! always check the avalanche report as quite a few people died and got caught up in some there. - they were off piste tho.

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