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Japanese Mercedes?

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These are the words uttered by my son when we returned from a trip tp London yesterday.Pulling up on the driveway I opened the door to find smoke pouring out from under my car ( RX 300 - 15 months old - 8500 miles) the smell was appalling.

Upon investigation I found oil spread across the under side of the vehicle and splashed under the wheel arches.

There was no warning of this whilst driving down the M23 etc,no odd noises,no smell,no warning lights,no change in water temperature.

To say I am less than happy would be an understatement.Don't know I agee with my son's sentiments having owned two Mercedes but at least I didn't encounter a problem like this.

I don't want to drive the vehicle until I know what is wrong - engine oil level fine as is gearbox but the oil under the car and on driveway ( other half furious) is red.

Will contact Lexus Brighton tomorrow.I want the keys collected from my office, vehicle collected from my home - on a trailer if necessary -a loan car and someone's absolute assurance that engine/gearbox/whatever has not in anyway been damaged.

I will advise of how things go but my faith in what has thus far been a very enjoyable experience, has been shot to pieces.


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15 months old?

Then your Lexus Assistance will still be in force.Why not contact them to acertain the nature of the problem?Then if they deem the car unfit to drive they will tow it for you to a dealership where they can put right any problems under the 3 yr/60,000 mile warranty.

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Spoken to Lexus.RAC had to be called to take the vehicle away.Still waiting as I have to be in attendance and stuck in office.

IS being delivered as loaner.

All ok so far but still very worried about potential damage.Definitely oil not coolant.

Will follow thru when I have further news

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You know, s**t happens, as they say!

No one says that a Lexus will NEVER have a problem. The point is that problems, on a statistical basis, are by far less common than any other make (particularly Mercs!).

I'm pretty sure that the care of your problem that will be shown by your local Lexus dealer will prove that there's no such thing as a perfect car, but some commit to customer's satisfaction more than others...

Good luck and keep us up to date!

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Taken by local breakdown company (via RAC) on back of truck last Monday evening .Apparently oil seal gone in" transfer box"?.Part ordered and five hours work due to front suspension having to be dismantled.

Mechanic not now sure this is the problem so next report on Tuesday.

Remain less than pleased despite fully appreciating that "nothing is perfect" ! :yawn:

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