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Is200 & Is300 Whats The Differences?


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Full leather seats, bigger engine, only in automatic and have vehicle stability control system. (VSC)

Sure there are other differences. Their just some I know of.

Thanks, so im not missing out on much then.

I quite like the hals suede half leather seats, and I dont want an Auto.

But what is the VSC all about?

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Errr, there's also the lovely 3 litre engine under the bonnet! :winky:

Yep cosmetically there's not any difference between an IS300 and an IS200 Sport, and from 2004 onwards, I don't think there's really any difference between them at all besides the engine, E-shift gearbox, VSC and HID headlamps

VSC is the stability control, similar to ESP on Mercs, VWs, etc. It basically senses when the car is about to lose grip and brakes wheels individually to help regain control :)

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You forgot to mention HID's as standard.

.... and well, not to forget they are faaaar more rare than then more common IS200 B) :whistling:

My mistake. The HIDs allied to the 3 litres sure do come in useful when chasing...errhmmm, I mean following BMWs and the like... :lol:

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