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Exhaust Systems


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I have the Blitz Nur Spec and here is what I noticed.


Its a little bit louder than the OEM exhaust but nothing major unlike a HKS hiper. It gives a nice "Hummm" when you accelerate and its in no way intrusive at motorway speeds! which is a bonus!


Theres abit more low end torque over the standard exhaust but nothing earth shattering. You will notice it though!


Its a lovely looking exhaust and the tailpip is much wider than the OEM one. It finishes off the back off my car no end! The quality of the build it there to see aswell.

In short if you want something better than your OEM but dont want to p!ss your neighbours off go Blitz! Cant comment on the Apexi except I think cyborgguy on here had one on his Altezza for a while. You could PM him and ask him about the Apexi.

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i had the tte on for a week,didnt think much of it.i reckon u wait for a second hand s/c to come up and dont buy zorst/induction,cos when its on the sc will put a bigger smile on your face than any zorst or induction kit.

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I have had a custom built powerflow exhaust system put on mine, I have de-catted it from the manifold back,2.5" downpipe With a 4.5" jap slash back box. It is really... and i mean really Loud!. It has the same engine note of a Supra, I think ive gone deaf because it seems quite now :lol: Also the VVTi seems alot more agressive now.. or maybe it is just me. when it hits about 4K revs it really does pull. People have told me to remove the cats in the manifold but do i dare.... The boys in blue will love me to bits if i do. :huh:


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