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Ohhh, Gs Owners Must Be Tories Then!


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"Cameron goes slightly greener in luxury Lexus"

David Cameron yesterday confirmed that he opted for a large luxury car, rather than a less polluting model, when he decided to ditch his Government-provided vehicle for environmental reasons.

His admission came as he announced plans to commit the Conservatives to targets to slash emissions of greenhouse gases from traffic on British roads.

As leader of the opposition, Mr Cameron is entitled to a Government car. But he has decided to hand back his Vauxhall Omega and instead lease commercially a more environmentally-friendly Lexus GS 450h with a "hybrid" engine which gives off less carbon in exhaust. However, he turned down a Government-provided Toyota Prius, whose emissions, at 104g per kilometre, are significantly lower than the 186g given off by the Lexus.

Mr Cameron said he had opted for the larger car because the Prius was not big enough to carry all his entourage, meaning he would often have had to take two cars on visits.

"My current car that the Government gave me is 276g, so the car I am getting is going to be a huge decline from that," said Mr Cameron.

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All this Co2 talk is rubbish as there is more Co2 used in building the car in the first place than it is likely to use in it's lifetime. A more greener solution would be to reduce the tax as cars got older to encourage people to keep cars longer.

Cars are far more reliable now, body work doesn't rust away before your eyes, so why encourage people to get new cars ever couple of years, unless of course they simply want the tax from new car sales.

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