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Have a few TRD items, Oil filler cap, Radiator cap, and TRD badge for the boot.

What else do TRD do for the IS200 as i can't seem to find anything but i may just not be looking in the right places.

Do they do Spark plugs? if so what are they and where can i get them from?



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I have an Apexi air filter kit ordered with the last 4 weeks from Takakaira.... it's on it's way now at last!

Alot of others on this forum have appartantly purchased from them also....

Takakaira seem very professional so far....

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My Singh what you done to it? why's it broken?

Have seen mention of IK20 (think memory serves me right) spark plugs, who are these made by and any good? where can i get some? would these be the ones i need for my standard IS200?

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Oh, its ok just found a thread on IK20' mention as to who makes them tho'


DENSO IK16 _________=_________IS300

DENSO IK20 _________=_________IS200

DENSO IK22 _________=_________IS200 Supercharged/Turbo

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well its not that huge a work load

look at what the ozzies do, they can drop a 1jz into an IS200 before they even go for a coffee break in the morning, by lunch time they have it mapped and only thing that slows them down is paperwork

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