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Will My Sat Nav Play Dvds?

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Hi all, just bought a is200 se auto and it is so far the best car i ever owned, a friend recommended this site to me and i have been reading it non stop now and its great, so glad to have a site like this where i can read up about my car and find people who love there Lexus as much as me. Just one Qs i need to ask ,i have been reading that its possible to hack the sat nav to play dvds and i have downloaded the info thanks to kinros but i own a is200 se w reg (2000) and the sat nav rises from the top of the dashboard and not in the center consul like on all the pics,,,,,, will it still work if i hack it and has anyone tried it on a model like mine and its has worked fine on there car, any feedback will be great, many thanks? ;)

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Cant be done.When people talk of hacking i think they are talking of the IS250,with regards to allowing a dvd to play whilst the car is in motion,also another hack is to allow 250 owners to use the satnav/phone whilst on the move,these aspects are not featured in the 200 satnav.My satnav plays dvds on my 200 but movies play through a seperate after market dvd player located under my passenger seat,this wires into the satnav screen,you need RGB converter,and for sound an FM modulator,a small switch to switch from satnav/dvd and of course a good auto electrician me thinks.There is no visible cable whatsoever its a tidy install.BTW your satnav is the cd version not the dvd version,i think the dvd version is only found on 2001/2002 onward IS200 models.

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