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Over Drive And Pwr Etc..... The Basics Please

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Sorry to bombard the post board but i was thinking on my way home from the office, i read in the handbook about the over drive and the other button by the gearshift.

Is there any clever person out there who can explain these two buttons in laymens terms?

what are they supposed to do?

ARRRGH too many buttons

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The ECT PWR button by the gearshift. Switch that on, and your car will respond better to throttle inputs. The gearbox will also hold onto each gear longer, thus ensuring better acceleration.

Overdrive is simply top gear on the gearbox. So switch it off (light appears on dash) and you in 3rd gear. Switch it back on, and you go into 4th gear. Useful most if you are driving around country lanes, and you don't want the car switching between 3rd and 4th gears all day long. Personally, I used to use the overdrive switch when approaching speed cameras, rather than using the brakes, if I just wanted to decrease by a few mph.

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The overdrive gives you, in essence another gear, also if towing do so with overdrive off

The power button allows the car to change up at higher revs......IE extra power in each gear.

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what mk is yours as now i own a 400 i see more of them around i used to see them as i loved them but now i have one there are loads but not to many that you see one every day

and what colour is yours as i drive the mk3 sliver one around chatham


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