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Uprated Springs Only


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Have lowered my IS200 sport -35mm with Spax springs.

Have found that when giving my car a bit of a hammering going to my girlfriends house (in the country) but without exceeding the speed limit? I have found the back end a little wabbly, could this be because i havn't uprated the shocks?

The road does have some odd cambers and fairly fast but sharp corners. (would like to add you can see if any on coming cars + the road is known for being a bit of a fun one)

On previous cars i have always done a spring and damper combo but never had the option this time round due to pricing.

was also reasured that i wouldn't notice having uprated shocks but with the size and weight of the IS im not sure.

What do you guys think?



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Could be the make of your springs, my mate has got spax shocks and springs on a little punto and there crap, his cars slowly getting lower and lower and cant stop it, hes had to go and buy new ones.

Theres a few makes ppl go for on here, and havent herd to much bad stuff about them, just a thought.

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Well i wanted Tein but mega bucks...I know coilovers are good, have seen 2nd hand ones what do you recon? How do you know if there good? Also how hard are they to adjust?

Im saving up for the tein coilovers at the moment, found a website that sells the "superstreet" for 750, which i thinks ok, but then what u wanna get is that EDFC thingy which means you can change the damperin settings whilst in the car and on the move. pretty cool :D

Thats the site, they do a cheaper one but dunno how good they are. TDI do the flex ones for about £850 i think.

hope this helps

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