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I'm A Beep Beep, Just Seen Electrical Connectors On The Shocks


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While noseying around today, I've seen electrical connections going to the shocks, can't believe I haven't seen them before, and I've previously denied having the active shocks :Doh

Can anyone tell me more about the setup??

I'm junking it anyway, but would like to know more, I'm familiar with the TEMS setup, but that's adjustable in car.

Do we have to do anything with the wires when they're disconnected?? or do we just tuck them out the way??

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Just tuck them out of the way, drove mine for a couple of months before I noticed I'd not connected mine up after painting the strut bar

Don't do much over 70 on Motorway driving so not noticed any difference in the setup.

The set up is control by the ecu, start the engine in PWR Mode and you get a slightly stiffer setup and will drop down about 20 mm when 80 or over, in Norm Mode, you'll get a softer ride and that's it really. Setup will not change if you change from PWR to Norm with the engine running.

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Like Paul says i dont notice much difference in the settings,the ride does seem to firm up a little in the power setting,but theres still alot of body roll :angry: .

Im thinking about uprating the roll bars on my car,Prolex are looking into if they can get them for the mk1 GS/Aristo in another thread on here.

I always drive around in the power setting not that it does alot.

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is it like tems on the supra? you can alter modes on the suspension , ranging from soft normal and hard?

sounds like it

soz scrolled screen down, didnt see he'd allready mensioned tems . DUHHH :)

must read properly before i go to bed :)

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