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Towball Recommendation For Is200

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(apologies if this has already been answered elsewhere, but I've just come in from a Friday night out and the screen's spinning, get my drift? :sick: )

A former neighbour of mine (who's now moved about half a mile down town, so still a neighbour I suppose) has an IS200, wants to tow a caravan, but doesn't want the ugliness of a towball. I mentioned detachable ones, she didn't know about these and asked me if I could find out more.

Any recommendations? Obviously "sell the 200 and get a 300" isn't what I'm after here, but any useful pointers in the direction of make, model, suppliers, etc. would be greatly appreciated. I'm sure she'd ask herself, but she's not got t'internet.

Anyway, I'm off to roll into bed now,and feel the bed roll another 4-5 times when I do so - :sick: - I think I'll take one of these to bed tonight...


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i have a Brink one on mine and without the ball on there's just a small square plastic plug you can hardly see it you will need a raydall switch box to stop the warning light coming on fitted it myself takes about 2 hours and you need to drill 2 holes don't think the IS has the grunt to tow a van though i use mine to tow a jetski but thats very light


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Wouldn't advice to tow a big caravan with an Is 200. Last IS owner who did fit one told me he also had to fit load adjusters (extra spring in the rear) to prevent the the rear touching the street on every bump. for towing a caravan you'll soon want a bit more torque (better get a diesel.....)

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I have the detachable Brink towbar, and like said it is not very visible when the towball is taken out.

I have pulled pretty heavy twin axle trailers with it, so I cannot confirm my fellow dutchman's findings about the rear springs (maybe there was a big load in the boot/backseat at the same time as well?). The weight on the towball shouldn't exceed 75 kilograms like is indicated on the plate, an that's pretty common. I have pulled heavy loads with a lot less powerful cars, so I don't see a real problem using the IS200 with manual gearbox. If it has an automatic gearbox you will need to install a transmission oil cooler.



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The Witter one? It's a fixed one, she wants a detachable one. Cheers anyway.

For reference, the IS version is £217.67 inc. VAT from

Towbars for other Lexus models are all £283.35 inc. VAT.

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