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Finally - Part Exchanged For An Is250

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After a phone call yesterday evening enquiring about an IS250 SE In Argento Ice with Pembroke Leather and Multimedia on sale at Lexus Chester and exchanging a couple of phone calls with Andrew this morning I agreed a deal and sped ( no chance ) up the M6 ( what a nightmare it was to day ) to see the car.

Saw it, liked it, paid for it and drove it way leaving the IS200 Sport in part exchange. Had a very enjoyable trip back non-motorway. Spent a couple of hours reading the manuals tonight. Just the sat-nav one to go !!

Thanks to Andrew for doing me a good deal and finishing off the valeting himself :)

Lots to learn about the car, first thing will be to read the Did You Know thread.

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Congrats on the new car Steve, I'm going to have to drop in to Lexus Glasgow to have a go in one of the new ISs, haven't had a go yet but everybody seems keen. I won't be getting get rid of the SC but always worth having a play in something different

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Cheers guys, I'll see if I can get some pictures today. Have to see if the rechargeables are OK. May have to take it out for a run today just to make sure I'm not dreaming :)

You must love it!

I guess there wasn't much interest to sell private of your old car?

Am wondering/worrying about how much my car is worth (very similar to your old - I think mine is a year older).

Hope they didn't sting you too much in trade in value...


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