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The Two Towers

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anybody been to see it yet?

just got back - awesome film.

Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli kick ***** - totally.

Haldir rocks too (as does Liv Tyler - but in a different way ;) )

and as for the effects!


the battles sequences are just plain awesome - but the honours must go to Smeagol / Gollum - you forget he is not real.

don't worry about being 100% to the book - just sit back and enjoy the film.

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Going to see it on Monday - can't wait!

may go and see again actually.

I really can't wait for the extended DVD box set of all three films.

I just know it is going to be 10 disks and cost £150 - but I don't care.

have a friend who bought the extended FotR DVD set (4 disks) and he says it is a much better film, more coherent and closer to the books.

Apparently the film versions will all 'work' together, as will the extended versions - meaning the movies are accessable for the general public, and the extended versions are more suited to the fans of the book.

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