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Brushed Aluminium Brake Caliper Decals

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Hi guys.

OK I have white Lex decals that were waiting to go on, then I spotted these on e-bay (Look nice !)

They arrived yesterday and I just wanted to see if anyone else had similar ones to these, and as they are thin metal instead of vinyl, should I be aware of anything ? Should I laquer over them ?

Thanks ;)

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Just make sure the caliper is clean and free from dust etc etc. Some people have laquered them on after to. I never bothered on mine and there still mint after 6 months.

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do laquer them mate, ive had mine on about 8 months now and ive notived a bit of the 'L' has started to peel away. ive also got a couple of chips on them. when it warms up i think im going to strip them down and start again.

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OK thanks for the quick responses guys :) So should I bother using a hairdryer ? and will any clear laquer cope with the punishment ? - I bought one of those pen sized touch up things of laquer from Halfords..

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